As a Mercedes-AMG owner you’re privy to a driving adventure like no other. At AMG Driving Academy you’ll experience the true capabilities of numerous AMG vehicles, while pushing the limits of your driving ability.

The AMG Driving Academy is an intensive, high-speed, high adrenaline experience for those looking to push their driving skills and Mercedes-AMG vehicles to the limit. Offering five distinct program levels, from PERFORMANCE to ADVANCED to PRO, PRO+ and DRIFT; this is where motorists become drivers. The AMG Purchase Reward Program has two offers and the details for each are provided below:

Mercedes-AMG model 45, 63, 65, or GT (includes GT53C4) will receive a complimentary seat at a PERFORMANCE training. Mercedes-AMG model 35, 43 or 53 purchased prior to April 1, 2019 will also receive this complimentary offer. The AMG Purchase Reward complimentary offer can also be applied as a credit of $1,895 (value of PERFORMANCE training) to the ADVANCED , PRO, and PRO+ training fees if pre-requisites have been met. DRIFT is not eligible for AMG Purchase Reward redemption. Participation must be completed within (12) months from date of delivery.

Mercedes-AMG models 35, 43 or 53 (excluding GT53C4) purchased on or after April 1st, 2019 will receive a credit of $895 towards any PERFORMANCE training. The remaining balance of $1,000 will be due at time of registration. This offer is not eligible toward any other level of training and participation must be completed within (12) months from date of delivery. All other AMG Purchase Reward rules and restrictions will apply.

The AMG Purchase Reward offers are non-transferable to any other person than the owner, and will expire (12) months after the purchaser takes delivery of a new Mercedes-AMG vehicle. Only new Mercedes-AMG vehicles purchased in the U.S. qualify for the AMG Purchase Reward Program.   All Mercedes-AMG vehicles used throughout the program are provided by the AMG Driving Academy. Availability is limited and not guaranteed.

AMG Purchase Reward eligibility will be verified and subject to the redemption rules, terms and restrictions.

Once you are ready to redeem this exclusive offer, simply call our toll-free registration center at 1-888-604-1766 (Mon – Fri, 9am-5pm EST) or register online at Please have the following criteria ready to complete your registration:

Seats are limited, and like the vehicles themselves, they go very, very fast.


1. AMG Purchase Reward Offers:

New owners of Mercedes-AMG model 45, 63, 65 and GT (including GT53C4) are eligible for one complimentary seat in the one (1) day AMG Driving Academy PERFORMANCE training. The AMG Purchase Reward complimentary offer can also be applied as a credit of $1,895 towards ADVANCED, PRO, or PRO+ training, if prerequisites are met. AMG Purchase Reward covers attendance and enrollment in AMG Driving Academy, PERFORMANCE training, together with breakfast and lunch at the track.

New owners of Mercedes-AMG models 35, 43 and 53 (excluding GT53C4) will receive a credit of $895 towards the one (1) day AMG Driving Academy PERFORMANCE training only. The remaining balance of $1,000 will be due at time of registration to confirm seat. This reward credit is not applicable towards any other training offered. 

The AMG Driving Academy program will be located at one or more race tracks to be determined by Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC (“MBUSA”) pending availability. The reward does not include airfare, lodging, ground transportation and meals (outside of track), which remain the responsibility of the reward recipient.

MBUSA will, in its sole and absolute discretion, assign participation dates and track locations. Availability is on a first-come, first serve basis based on participant registrations and track availability after the eligible reward recipient has properly registered in the manner set forth below. The purchase reward has no cash value and cannot be exchanged and/or substituted for any other rewards. Only 1 discount offer may be applied towards any single registration including the AMG Purchase Reward.

2. Eligibility:

All legal US residents twenty-one (21) years of age or older with a valid US driver’s license who purchase and/or lease a new Mercedes-AMG model in the last twelve (12) months are eligible to claim the above-mentioned AMG Driving Academy purchase reward offers. Only 1 AMG Purchase Reward may be claimed per course.
The reward recipient shall provide MBUSA and/or AMG Driving Academy with proof of age, identity and driving status prior to being allowed to participate in AMG Driving Academy.

The owner/lessee of the new Mercedes-AMG vehicle must claim the AMG Driving Academy purchase reward and actually attend AMG Driving Academy within one (12) months after he/she obtains delivery of the new Mercedes-AMG vehicle, subject to delivery verification by MBUSA. Pre-owned Mercedes-AMG vehicles or any other vehicles not Mercedes-AMG models are not eligible for the AMG Purchase Reward. In order to claim the AMG Purchase Reward, the owner/lessee must register with the AMG Driving Academy Registration Center by calling 1-888-604-1766 or complete the online registration at As part of the registration process, the owner/lessee shall be required to provide his/her name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, Vehicle Identification Number of the eligible new Mercedes-AMG vehicle, as well as a valid credit card for applicable fees at the time of registration.

The owner/lessee shall forfeit the AMG Driving Academy purchase reward if he/she fails to properly register his/her new Mercedes-AMG vehicle and/or attend AMG Driving Academy within the above-mentioned 12 month period. If owner/lessee fails to cancel 30 days in advance of their event, or does not show up to ADA when they are registered to attend, a $250.00 cancellation fee will apply to the registrant utilizing a complimentary reward. For registrants applying the credit ($895) reward, the $1,000 fee paid at time of registration will be non-refundable. In MBUSA’s sole and absolute discretion, the reward recipient shall be required to forfeit the AMG Driving Academy purchase reward if he/she: (i) declines or cannot accept, receive or use the AMG Driving Academy purchase reward for any reason; (ii) fails and/or refuses to comply with applicable Federal, State and/or local laws; or (iii) fails and/or refuses to comply with these Rules, Terms and Conditions.

3. Transferability:

The owner/lessee of the new Mercedes-AMG vehicle cannot transfer the AMG Academy purchase reward to any other individual or entity.

4. Personal Vehicles:

The reward recipient will not be allowed to use his/her personal Mercedes-Benz/Mercedes-AMG vehicle as part of AMG Driving Academy.

5. Release/Waiver:

In order to claim the above-mentioned AMG Purchase Reward, the reward recipient must first sign a Release and Waiver which specifically sets forth that he/she hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless MBUSA and its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates and authorized dealers, and each of their respective directors, officers, shareholders, agents and employees (collectively, “Releases”) of, and from, any liability, costs, damages, expenses, attorneys’ fees, court costs, and obligations of any kind arising out of, or related to his/her acceptance and/or usage of the AMG Purchase Reward and/or participation in AMG Driving Academy.

6. Publicity:

By accepting and/or using the AMG Purchase Reward, the reward recipient agrees that MBUSA and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries may use his/her name, biographical information, photograph and/or video for advertising, publicity and promotional purposes in all media worldwide without compensation (except where prohibited by law).

7. Cancellation/Modification:

MBUSA, in sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to cancel, supplement and/or modify AMG Driving Academy, as well as any of the subject terms and conditions regarding the AMG Purchase Reward at any time without notice.